Miss Malini Its ok to not be ok

Miss Malini's Interview on Mental Health and Breaking the Stigma

Malini Agarwal, Founder & Creative Director of MissMalini & Malini's Girl Tribe joined the Mental Health Conversation and has inspired a billion! A very engaging and insightful conversation between Malini and Shubhika Singh, Psychologist & Co-Founder of InnerKraft.com. Watch the video to hear Malini's views on Mental Health, how she handles emotional challenges and experiences. A powerful message shared in the video by her "I want us to help normalize the idea of getting help and healing your mind, just as we do for our physical health." More About #BreaktheStigmaIndia:

The movement, is our endeavour is to create mental health awareness, and break down barriers– to create an atmosphere where we can talk comfortably about not feeling good. We hope to inspire people to normalize having conversations on emotional matters, learn how to be good listeners and to reach out to befriend individuals in their circle. So that no one struggles in silence about their emotional issues.


You can support the #BreaktheStigmaIndia movement too! All you have to do is share a video or post saying -

1. You understand that people can feel low

2. Encourage your loved ones and associates to talk to you 3. You will listen with compassion and let the person vent Use the Hashtag the #BreaktheStigmaIndia in your post and inspire a billion. Let’s spread the word together. Initiative by: Lifeline Foundation If you are depressed, distressed or suicidal call Lifeline, the Free Helpline aids the caller to unburden themselves in a confidential and non-judgmental environment. We encourage people to call to vent and share their problems that are causing distress and pain in their lives.

Helpline Numbers: (10am to 10pm - 7 days a week)

+91 3340447437

+91 9088030303