Peer Support

Peer Support InnerKraft

A community free of judgement and stigma.

It's a platform to share, open up and connect to individuals going through the same experiences. Being able to connect to others who not only have been through the same situations but have made it to the other side stronger can boost up one's morale and not feel alone.

It provides a gentle reminder that it is possible to overcome these challenging moments. Having peers to lean on when times are hard can be life-changing.


What is Peer Support?

Peer support is when individuals use their own experience to support and help each other going through similar challenges. Individuals can connect to their fellow community members and understand what others did to deal with the situation and get through it. It’s a space where one feels accepted and understood. Through shared respect and understanding, having a supportive community helps individual’s stay committed, encouraged, and less alone.


How will this be different from other communities?

The sole reason for this community is to connect individuals with others who have been through something similar. It is a safe space that is judgement-free and can be a warm companion in an otherwise lonely journey. There is a lot of richness in the knowledge of experiences that one goes through in life, which is hard to find in books. Peer support is one such experience. Individuals learn how their fellow community members tackled the issues faced. This community empowers and instils confidence, hope and strength among the members to combat these challenging times.


How will it benefit users?

 Peer supporters often have diverse problem-solving styles and strategies; this can help individuals manage the various challenges in their daily lives. By talking and having conversations, people can learn from them and feel supported. An empathetic and encouraging community enables its members to cope better and find the strength to reach their goals. They inspire each other who are on their journey towards emotional and psychological well-being. Being part of an understanding community helps members stay dedicated, motivated and less isolated.


How will moderation be the game-changer?

Moderators in peer support aim to create a positive culture through active and friendly moderation. Having a moderator will ensure the essential pillars of empathy, encouragement and understanding. The moderator will adhere to strict community guidelines and prevent any judgmental remarks or negative messages made by users. They understand the severity of the issues experienced by the members and commit to making it a safer place by preventing further loneliness and hopelessness.


  How will the user remain safe and in a secure environment?

 The safety and security of users are of utmost importance in peer support. Peer support, unlike the other channels of interaction, is moderated. Moderators help create a safe environment to enable interaction among peers and ensure the conversations are non-triggering and non-judgmental. The users in the peer support will be making their anonymous profiles, and confidentiality will be maintained at every step. This community's sole intention and purpose are for individuals to find support among each other and not feel lonely.