Solutions Innerkraft

Our holistic and evidence-based approach focuses on the unique experiences of one's life and helps regain control of what seems impossible to handle. When you are faced with unexpected challenges in life, you may often get into a negative loop of thinking. We are here to support and equip you to cope with the emotional baggage surrounding your concern and provide a brand-new lens to look at it.


I-Counselling Innerkraft

Counselling is a supportive and non-judgmental space to openly speak about concerns, address complicated situations and feelings, together explore ways to gain perspectives that make it easier to handle. It is more than “just talking” to a person. It will help you get to a state where you can effectively cope with challenging thoughts and emotions. The in-depth interaction with the professional enables you to identify the goals, develop a plan and work collaboratively to achieve them. All the information that is shared and discussed stays confidential, which means it will not be shared with anyone outside the sessions one takes. Your continuous mutual effort with the therapist will enhance this experience and bring about the growth you wish to accomplish.


Assessments Innerkraft

Psychological assessment measures an individual's overall functioning and provides a clear snapshot to better understand one's behaviour, strengths and weaknesses. These tests provide valuable insight into various emotional upheavals one experiences in different areas of their life. Once we know how impacted we are, it creates the motivation to overcome it. This important tool helps one to discover the presence of any psychological disorders and what kind of treatment is required. Knowing about it can help me mentally prioritize it and plan strategies to overcome it.

Psychological Awareness

Psychological Awareness

This will be a storehouse of scientific and evidence based factual information. It will help you to bust myths, alter incorrect information and give you a deeper understanding.