When you are faced with unexpected problems in life, it may seem like you can do nothing to solve it and get into a negative loop of thinking. We can help you manage the emotional baggage surrounding the problem and provide a new way of looking at it. These solutions focus on the unique challenges and experiences of an individual's life. It helps relieve the pressure and regain control.

We equip individuals with easy-to-apply proven techniques and empower them to tackle more significant obstacles while staying relaxed and in control.


Psychological assessment measures an individual's functioning and provides a snapshot to better understand their behaviour, strengths, and weaknesses. These tests provide information for an individual who is maybe struggling in different areas of their lives. It's an important tool that gives us an insight into the various emotional ups and downs experienced by an individual. Once we know how impacted we are, it creates the motivation to overcome it. It also helps one discover the presence of any psychological disorders and what intensity of treatment is required.
Why are Assessments important?
 When an individual has lingering shoulder pain, one would usually go for a test to understand whether it is muscle pain, a ligament tear or a fracture. This creates awareness of the seriousness of the pain and prompts them to act accordingly. Individuals choose to rest it, not strain it any further and seek appropriate professional help. Similarly, psychological assessments can accurately identify the various emotional distress experienced by an individual. Knowing about it can help mentally prioritize it and plan strategies to overcome it.
How can you as a user Benefit from them?
 Life is full of emotional upheavals which often result in stress, excessive worry, feeling low, and so on. When an individual feels their mind is foggy (lacking clarity), unable to be their usual productive self, feeling perpetually bogged down, a psychological assessment can come to the rescue. It removes the confusion of ‘what is wrong with me' to understanding ‘what is going on within me.’ It provides an insight into the severity of the distress and how it is affecting one’s daily life. This awareness is a helpful tool for a person to take action and deal with it.

Emotional First Aid Training

Emotional first aid training


Mental health is critical for one's wellbeing. It is linked with our physical and social health and is essential for productivity in our daily lives. Individuals going through distress and adversity often suffer alone or may not realize that they need help. Moreover, it's a burden for many to even ask for help. We can step in by being more aware and informed to support those struggling and bring about a positive change. This will also help in reducing the stigma around the topic.

IK First Aid Training is a skill-based training course wherein the users will be taught how to perform basic 'first-aid' for individuals showing signs and symptoms of mental health discomfort. This training will help individuals to prioritize their mental health as well as the society at large. The aim is to make a difference and change as many lives as possible.